Bob Costas' Eye Infection Surprises 2014 Sochi Olympics Viewers

The star of the 2014 Olympics television broadcast continues to be Bob Costas' swollen eye, which has been reported as pink eye. Costas has been wearing glasses during telecasts and has even joked about his eye, which continues to dominate on social 

Bob Costas' eye infection doesn't appear to be going away. In fact, it appears to be getting worse. When Costas appeared on NBC last Thursday at the start of the Olympics, only his left eye appeared to be infected. CostasĀ 

Bob Costas' eye infection has a lot of people wonder what's happened that made his eye so darn swollen. The answer is fairly simply: Whilst in Sochi for the 2014 Olympics, Bob Costas contracted pinkeye. On Feb. 8, UPI reported that Costas' eye has been 

Bob Costas got pink eye at the worst possible time. The broadcaster came down with a nasty eye infection that left him visibly affected, with one eye nearly.

In case anyone was wondering why Bob Costas' right eye looked a little funky during Thursday's coverage of preliminary competition at the Sochi Winter Olympics, the NBC Sports anchor explained it's just a little pink eye. Also read: Sochi Olympics

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